About Settings

Use this application to configure the device, set application options, and add accounts. Tap Settings on the Applications screen.



Activate the Wi-Fi feature to connect to a Wi-Fi network and access the Internet or other network devices.

To use options, tap Wi-Fi.

Advanced: Customise Wi-Fi settings.

WPS push button: Connect to a secured Wi-Fi network with a WPS button.

WPS PIN entry: Connect to a secured Wi-Fi network with a WPS PIN.

Help: Access help information for Wi-Fi.

Setting Wi-Fi sleep policy
Tap Wi-Fi Advanced Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.

When the screen is turned off, the device automatically turns off Wi-Fi connections. When this happens, the device automatically accesses data networks if it is set to use them. This may incur data transfer fees. To avoid data-usage bills, set this option to Always.