Adding Wi-Fi networks

If the desired network does not appear in the networks list, tap Add Wi-Fi network at the bottom of the networks list. Enter the network name in Network SSID, select the security type and enter the password if it is not an open network, and then tap CONNECT.

Forgetting Wi-Fi networks

Any network that has ever been used, including the current network, can be forgotten so the device will not automatically connect to it. Select the network in the networks list, and then tap FORGET.

Setting up accounts

Google applications, such as Play Store, require a Google account, and Samsung Apps

(Galaxy Apps) requires a Samsung account. Create Google and Samsung accounts to have the best experience with the device.

Adding accounts

Follow the instructions that appear when opening a Google application without signing in to set up a Google account.

To sign in with or sign up for a Google account, on the Applications screen, tap Settings GENERAL Accounts Add account Google. Then follow on-screen instructions to complete the account setup. More than one Google account can be used on the device.

Set up a Samsung account as well.

Removing accounts

On the Applications screen, tap Settings GENERAL Accounts, select an account name under My accounts, select the account to remove, and then tap Remove account.