Call forwarding

The device can be set to send incoming calls to a specified number.

Tap Settings Call More settings Call forwarding, and then select a call type and condition. Enter a number and tap ENABLE.

Video calls

Making a video call

Enter the number or select a contact from the contacts list, and then tap .

During a video call

The following actions are available:

Switch: Switch between the front and rear camera.

Mute: Turn off the microphone so that the other party cannot hear you.

End call: End the current call.

Hide me: Hide your image from the other party.

Outgoing image: Select an image to show it to the other party.

Capture image: Capture the other party’s image.

Record video: Take a video of the other party’s images.

It is illegal in many countries to record a call without the other party’s prior permission.

Keypad: Open the keypad.

Speaker on / Speaker off: Deactivate the speakerphone feature.

Switch to headset: Switch to a Bluetooth headset if it is connected to the device.

Enable dual camera: Use the front and rear cameras so that the other party can see you and your surroundings.

Video calling with dual camera mode will be provided for up to 3 minutes. After 3 minutes the device will turn off the rear camera for optimal performance.

Listening to a voice message

Tap and hold 1 on the keypad, and then follow the instructions from your service provider.