Viewing story albums

Select a story album. The cover image appears on the first page. Scroll left or right to view images in the story album.

On a page of the album, tap and use the following functions. The available options vary depending on the page.

Edit title: Rename the album.

Add content: Add more content to the current page.

Remove content: Delete content on the current page.

Edit: Change the layout of the current page.

Change theme: Change the theme for the album.

Change cover image: Change the cover image of the album.

Slideshow: Start a slideshow with the images in the current album.

Share via: Send the album to others.

Export: Export the album to other storage locations.

Print: Print the image by connecting the device to a printer. Some printers may not be compatible with the device.

Order photo book: Place an order for a printed album.

Delete page: Delete the page.