Audio zoom: Make the sound from the zoomed subject louder while recording.

Location tag: Attach a GPS location tag to the photo. Activate this feature when taking photos to create albums in Story Album.

To improve GPS signals, avoid shooting in locations where the signal may be obstructed, such as between buildings or in low-lying areas, or in poor weather conditions.

Your location may appear on your photos when you upload them to the Internet. To avoid this, deactivate the GPS tag setting.

Review pics/videos: Set the device to show photos or videos after taking them.

Volume key: Set the device to use the Volume button to control the shutter or zoom function.

Timer: Use this for delayed-time shots.

White balance: Select an appropriate white balance, so images have a true-to-life colour range. The settings are designed for specific lighting situations. These settings are similar to the heat range for white-balance exposure in professional cameras.

Exposure value: Change the exposure value. This determines how much light the camera’s sensor receives. For low-light situations, use a higher exposure.

Guidelines: Display viewfinder guides to help composition when selecting subjects.

Flash: Activate or deactivate the flash.

Voice control: Set the camera to take photos with voice commands.

Contextual filename: Set the camera to display contextual tags. Activate this to use Tag Buddy in Gallery and Story Album.

Save as flipped: Invert the image to create a mirror-image of the original scene.

Storage: Select the memory location for storage.

Reset: Reset the camera settings.


Reorganise shortcuts for easy access to the camera’s various options.

Tap Edit quick settings.

Tap and hold an option and drag it to a slot at the top of the screen. The other icons can be moved within the list by tapping and dragging them.