Finding contacts

Enter a name, phone number, or email address to find a contact in the contacts list. As characters are entered, predicted contacts appear. Select one to place a call to it.

Making an international call

Tap and hold 0 until the + sign appears. Enter the country code, area code, and phone number, and then tap .

During a call

The following actions are available:

: Select an equaliser option for use during a call.

: Deactivate the noise reduction feature that removes background noise so that the other party can hear you more clearly.

: Increase the volume.

Hold: Hold a call. Tap Unhold to retrieve the held call.

Add call: Dial a second call.

Keypad: Open the keypad.

End call: End the current call.

Speaker: Activate the speakerphone. Keep the device away from your ears when using the speakerphone.

Mute: Turn off the microphone so that the other party cannot hear you.

Bluetooth: Switch to a Bluetooth headset if it is connected to the device.

Swap: Switch between two calls.

Merge: Make a multiparty call when connected to two calls. Repeat this to add more parties. This feature is available only if the multiparty call service is active.