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Using additional features in a Group Play session

While sharing content with other devices, use the following features:

: Change the speaker settings for each connected device.

: Adjust the volume.

: Set the device to use all connected devices as stereo speakers.

: Combine connected devices’screens to show a larger display.

: Spilt the combined screen.

: Adjust the volume.

: Write a note or draw on the screen. All participants can see what you create.

: View all shared images in mosaic layout.

This feature is available when you selected more than two images.

/ : Select more images or documents.

: View the group participants.


Your device allows you to read near field communication (NFC) tags that contain information about products. You can also use this feature to make payments and buy tickets for transportation or events after downloading the required applications.

The battery contains a built-in NFC antenna. Handle the battery carefully to avoid damaging the NFC antenna.

If the screen is locked, your device will not read NFC tags or receive data.

To activate the NFC feature, on the Applications screen, tap Settings CONNECTIONS NFC. Drag the NFC switch to the right.