Here are several examples of spoken commands:

Open music

Launch calculator

Call Lulu mobile

Dial Lulu work

Check schedule

Tips for better voice recognition

Speak clearly.

Speak in quiet places.

Do not use offensive or slang words.

Avoid speaking in dialectal accents.

The device may not recognise your commands or may perform unwanted commands depending on your surroundings or how you speak.

Hands-free mode

In hands-free mode, the device will read content aloud when you have incoming calls, messages, and notifications so you can use the device without hands while driving. For example, the device will read aloud the caller’s name or phone number when a call comes in.

To activate hands-free mode, say“Hands-free mode on”or tap Turn on Hands-free mode.

To activate hands free mode automatically in specific places, in hands-free mode, tap Connect to vehicle Select method.

Deactivate hands-free mode when not in use to prevent the device from reading content aloud. To deactivate hands-free mode, tap Turn off Hands-free mode.