Replacement instructions

Replace the print cartridges

When a print cartridge approaches the estimated end of its useful life, you can continue printing with the current print cartridge until it no longer yields acceptable print quality.

Once an HP print cartridge has reached “very low’, the HP Premium Protection Warranty on that supply has ended. All print defects or print cartridge failures incurred when an HP supply is used in continue at very low mode will not be considered to be defects in materials or workmanship in the supply under the HP Print Cartridge Warranty Statement.

1.Some error messages or status messages cause the product to rotate the print cartridge

carousel to the affected cartridge automatically. If the print cartridge that needs to be replaced is not in the correct position, press the Cartridge button to rotate the print cartridge carousel to the cartridge color that you want to replace.

NOTE: All doors must be closed when pressing the Cartridge button. Also, the imaging drum must be installed for the Cartridge button to work.

NOTE: Wait until the Rotating message and the rotation sounds stop before opening the print cartridge door.

2. Open the print cartridge door.


Manage print cartridges and the imaging drum 61