Detecting a Face and Shooting (Smart Shutter)
Using the Face Self-Timer
The shutter will release approximately two seconds after the camera detects
a new face (p.95). You can use this when the photographer wants to be in
the image, such as a group photo.
Choose .
Follow Steps 1 – 2 on p. 64 to choose ,
then press the n button for more than
one second.
Press the qr buttons to choose , then
press the n button.

Compose the shot and press the

shutter button halfway.

Make sure a green frame appears on the
face focused on and white frames appear
on other faces.

Press the shutter button fully.

The camera will enter shooting stand-by,
and [Look straight at camera to start count
down] will appear on the screen.
The lamp will blink and the self-timer
sound will play.
Changing the number of shots
After choosing in Step 1, press the op buttons.
Shutting both eyes will also be detected as a wink.
If a wink is not detected, the shutter will release approximately 15
seconds later.
If there are no people in the shot when the shutter button is pressed fully,
the camera will shoot after a person enters the shot and winks.