Adding Effects and Shooting
Take Shots That Look Like a Miniature Model (Miniature Effect)
Blurs chosen portions in the top and bottom of an image to produce the effect
of a miniature model.
Choose .
Follow Steps 1 – 2 on p.64 to choose .
A white frame (the area that will not be
blurred) appears on the screen.

Choose the area to keep in focus.

Press the n button for more than one
Move the zoom lever to change the frame
size, and press the op buttons to change
the frame position, then press the n
If you press the qr buttons in Step 2, the frame will switch to vertical
orientation, and you can change the area to focus in by pressing the qr
buttons again. Press the op buttons will return the frame to horizontal
Holding the camera vertically will change the orientation of the frame.
Be sure to set a playback speed before shooting a Miniature Effect movie