Item Content Ref. Page
Rotate Rotates displayed image. p.145
Print Settings Selects or clears settings for printing displayed
image ([Print] appears when the camera is
connected to the printer).
Protect Protects/unlocks displayed image. p.134
Favorites Tags/untags displayed image as favorites. p.140
Erase Erases displayed image. p.138
Group Playback Plays back images take n with High-speed Burst
one by one.
Movie Playback Starts movie playback. p.31
Movie Digest Playback Plays back movies made in the Movie Digest
Smart Shuffle Starts Smart Shuffle. p.128
Filtered Playback Filters/cancels filter for displayed image. p. 120
Slideshow Plays back images automatically. p.122
My Category Categorizes images. p.142
Playback Mode FUNC. Menu