The camera will choose four images based on the displayed image.
If you choose one of those images, the camera will select four more images
letting you enjoy playing back images in an unexpected order.
This will work best if you take many shots of various scenes.
Choose .
After pressing the m button, press the
op buttons to choose , then press the
m button again.
Four images will appear as possibilities.
Choose an image.
Press the opqr buttons to choose the
image you want to view next.
The chosen image will be displayed in the
middle, and the next four possibilities will
Press the m button to display the middle
image at full size. Press the m button
again to restore the original display.
Press the n button to restore single
image playback.
Displaying Various Images (Smart Shuffle)
Only still images shot with this camera will play back in Smart Shuffle.
is not available in the following situations:
-If there are less than 50 images taken with this camera on the memory card
-If you play back images not supported by Smart Shuffle
-During filtered playback