While the shutter button is pressed halfway, the focus and exposure will
continue to adjust, allowing you to take pictures of moving subjects without
missing a shot.

Choose [Servo AF].

Press the n button to choose [Servo
AF] from the 4 tab, then press the qr
buttons to choose [On].
The focus and exposure will be maintained
where the blue AF frame appears while
you press the shutter button halfway.
Shooting with Servo AF
The camera may not be able to focus in some conditions.
In low light conditions, AF frames may not turn blue even after pressing
the shutter button halfway. In this case, you can set the focus and
exposure with the AF frame setting.
If a correct exposure cannot be obtained, the shutter speed and aperture
value appear in orange. Release your finger from the shutter button, then
press it again halfway.
You cannot shoot with the AF lock in this mode.
The [AF-Point Zoom] option in the 4 tab is not available in Servo AF
Not available when using the self-timer (pp.58, 59).