When you have mistakenly changed a setting, you can reset the camera to
the default settings.
Display the menu.
Press the n button.

Choose [Reset All].

Move the zoom lever to choose the 3 tab.
Press the op buttons to choose [Reset
All], then press the m button.

Reset the settings.

Press the qr buttons to choose [OK], then
press the m button.
The camera will reset to the default
Returning the Camera to Default Settings
Are there functions that cannot be reset?
The [Date/Time] (p.20), [Language] (p. 21), [Video System] (p. 130), [Time
Zone] (p.171), and the image registered in [Start-up Image] (p. 168) in the 3
The recorded custom white balance data (p.86).
Colors that were chosen in Color Accent (p.71) or Color Swap (p. 72).
Shooting modes set when the mode switch was set to 4 (pp.63, 107).