Transferring Images to a Computer for Viewing
When the installation finishes, click
[Restart] or [Finish].
Remove the CD-ROM.
Remove the CD-ROM when your desktop
screen appears.
Place the CD in the computer’s CD-
ROM drive.
Place the supplied CD-ROM (DIGITAL
CAMERA Solution Disk) (p.2) into the
computer’s CD-ROM drive.
Begin installation.
Double-click the on the CD.
Click [Install], and follow the on-screen
instructions to proceed with the
Connect the camera to the computer.
Turn off the camera.
Open the cover and insert the included
interface cable’s smaller plug (p.2) firmly
into the camera terminal in the direction
Insert the interface cable’s larger plug into
the computer. For connection details, refer
to the user guide provided with the
Turn on the camera.
Press the 1 button to turn on the camera.