Mode Switch

Use the mode switch to change the Shooting mode.

Components Guide
Microphone (p.30)
Zoom Lever
Shooting: i (Telephoto) / j (Wide
Angle) (pp.25, 29, 55)
Playback: k (Magnify) / g (Index)
(pp.118, 125)
Shutter Button (p.23)
ON/OFF button (p.19)
Mode Switch
Lamp (pp.58, 77, 173)
Flash (pp.54, 85)
Tripod Socket
DC Coupler Terminal Cover
Memory Card / Battery Cover (p.16)
You can leave it to the camera to select settings for fully
automatic shooting (p.24).
You can shoot with the best settings for the scene (p.64) or
choose settings yourself to take various types of pictures
(pp.53, 83).