Adding Effects and Shooting

Specify the range of colors to be


Press the op buttons to adjust the range
of colors to be changed.
Choose a negative value to limit the range
of colors. Choose a positive value to
extend the range of colors to similar colors.
Press the n button to complete the
setting and restore the shooting screen.
Shooting in Monochrome
You can shoot images in black and white, sepia or blue and white.
Choose .
Follow Steps 1 – 2 on p.64 to choose .

Choose a color tone.

Press the n button for more than one
[Color Tone] will appear on the screen.
Press the qr buttons to choose an effect,
then press the n button.
You can check the color tone on the
Using the flash may cause unexpected results in this mode.
Under some conditions, the image may appear coarse.
B/W Shoots in black and white.
Sepia Shoots with sepia tones.
Blue Shoots in blue and white.