Information Displayed on the Screen
Playback (Detailed Information Display)
Movies (p.31), High-
speed Burst (p.80), Print
List (p.159)
My Category (p.142)
Shooting Mode (p.190)
ISO Speed (p.88),
Playback Speed
(Movies) (p.109)
Exposure Compensation
Amount (p.85)
White Balance (p.86)
Histogram (p.45)
Group Playback (p.126),
Image Editing (pp.146
Compression (Image
Quality) (p.61)
Recording Pixels (pp.61,
112), MOV (Movies)
Eye-Fi Transfer
Complete (p.179)
Battery Charge Indicator
Metering Method (p.101)
Folder Number – File
Number (p.169)
Displayed image
number/ Total number of
Shutter Speed (Still
Images), Image Quality /
Frame Rate (Movies)
Aperture Value
i-Contrast (pp.89, 149)
Flash (p.85)
Focusing Range (p.94)
File Size (pp.62, 112)
Still Images: Recording
Pixels (p.61)
Movies: Movie Length
Protect (p.134)
Favorites (p.140)
My Colors (pp.92, 148)
Red-Eye Correction
(pp.104, 150)
Shooting Date and Time