Adding Effects and Shooting
Changing the Color and Shooting
You can change the look of an image when shooting. However, depending on
shooting conditions, the image may become coarse, or the colors may not
come out as expected.
Color Accent
You can choose to retain a single color and change the rest to black and white
in a composition.
Choose T.
Follow Steps 1 – 2 on p.64 to choose T.
Press the n button for more
than one second.
The unchanged image and the Color
Accent image will alternately display.
The color for default settings is green.
Specify the color.
Position the center frame so it is filled with
the color you want and press the q button.
The specified color will be recorded.
Specify the range of colors.
Press the op buttons to change the
range of colors to be retained.
Choose a negative value to limit the range
of colors. Choose a positive value to
extend the range of colors to similar colors.
Press the n button to complete the
setting and restore the shooting screen.
Recorded color
Using the flash may cause unexpected results in this mode.