Zooming in More Closely on Subjects (Digital Zoom)
Digital Tele-Converter
The focal length of the lens can be increased by approximately 1.5x or
approximately 2.0x. This enables a faster shutter speed and less chance of
camera shake than the zoom (including digital zoom) used by itself at the
same zoom factor.
However, a recording pixel setting (p.61) of or will cause images to
appear coarse (the zoom factor will appear in blue).
Display the menu.
Press the n button.

Choose [Digital Zoom].

Move the zoom lever to choose the 4 tab.
Press the op buttons to choose [Digital
Choose the setting.
Press the qr buttons to choose a
Press the n button to complete the
setting and restore the shooting screen.
The view will be enlarged and the zoom
factor will appear on the screen.
To return to standard digital zoom, choose
[Digital Zoom] and the [Standard] option.
The respective focal lengths when using [1.5x] and [2.0x] are
approximately 42.0 – 168mm and approximately 56.0 – 224 mm (35mm
film equivalent).
The digital tele-converter cannot be used together with the digital zoom.
The shutter speeds may be the same when at maximum telephoto i,
and when zoomed in on the subject using Step 2 on p.55.