Changing Shooting Function Settings
Changing the IS-Mode Settings
Choose [IS Mode], then press the qr

buttons to choose an option.

Grid lines will not be recorded on the image.
Image stabilization is always on.
You can confirm the effects
directly on the display, which
makes it easier to check the
composition or focus.
When shooting movies, the
camera also reduces strong
camera shake, for example when
walking (Dynamic mode).
Shoot Only* Image stabilization is only active
at the moment of shooting.
Image stabilization only counters
up and down motion. This option
is recommended for shooting
objects moving horizontally.
Off —
* Setting changes to [Continuous] when
shooting movies.
If camera shake is too strong, attach the camera to a tripod. You should
also set the IS Mode to [Off] when the camera is attached to a tripod.
When using [Panning], hold the camera horizontally to shoot. Image
stabilization does not work when the camera is held vertically.