To save battery power, the screen turns off, and the camera shuts down
automatically when it is not operated for a certain time.

Power Saving during Shooting

The screen will turn off approximately 1 minute after you stop operating the
camera. After about 2 more minutes, the lens will retract and the power will
turn off. When the screen has turned off but the lens has not yet retracted,
pressing the shutter button halfway (p.23) turns on the screen and shooting
can continue.

Power Saving during Playback

The power will turn off approximately 5 minutes after you stop operating the
You can check the current time.
Press and hold the m button.
The current time appears.
If you hold the camera vertically while
using the clock function, it will switch to
vertical display. Press the qr buttons to
change the display color.
Press the m button again to cancel the
clock display.
You can turn off the power saving function (p.170).
You can adjust the time before the screen turns off (p.171).
Power Saving Function (Auto Power Down)
Clock Functions
When the camera power is off, press and hold the m button, then press
the ON/OFF button to display the clock.