You can set the shutter speed to a range between 1 and 15 seconds to shoot
long exposures. However, you should attach the camera to a tripod to prevent
the camera from moving and blurring the image.

Choose .

Follow Steps 1 – 2 on p.64 to choose .

Choose the shutter speed.

Press the o button.
Press the qr buttons to choose the
shutter speed, then press the m button.

Confirm the exposure.

When you press the shutter button
halfway, the exposure for the chosen
shutter speed will appear on the screen.
Shooting Long Exposures
The brightness of the image may differ from the brightness of the screen
in Step 3 when the shutter button was pressed halfway.
When shutter speeds of 1.3 seconds or slower are used, images are
processed to eliminate noise after being taken. A certain amount of
processing time may be needed before you can take the next shot.
You should set the [IS Mode] to [Off] when shooting with a tripod (p.175).
If the flash fires, the image may be overexposed. If this happens, set the
flash to ! and shoot.