Changing Camera Settings
Changing the File Number Assignment
Images you shoot are automatically assigned file numbers in the order they
were taken, from 0001 – 9999, and saved to folders of up to 2,000 images.
You can change the file number assignment.
Choose [File Numbering], then press the
qr buttons to choose an option.

Register the start-up image or sounds with the included


The dedicated operation sounds and start-up images on the included software
can be registered to the camera. Refer to the Software Guide for details.
Even if you shoot using a new
memory card, the file numbers are
assigned consecutively until an
image with the number 9999 is
Auto Reset
If you replace the memory card
with a new one, or a new folder is
created, file numbering begins
with 0001 again.
If you use a memory card already containing images, the newly assigned
file numbers may continue the existing numbering for both [Continuous]
and [Auto Reset]. If you want to start over with file number 0001, format
the memory card before use (p.22).
Refer to the Software Guide for information regarding folder structure or
image types.