Using the Self-Timer
The self-timer can be used to shoot a group photo that includes the
photographer. The camera will shoot approximately 10 seconds after the
shutter button is pressed.

Choose Ò.

After pressing the m button, press the
op buttons to choose , then press the
m button again.
Press the op buttons to choose Ò, then
press the m button.
Once set, Ò will appear on the screen.
Press the shutter button halfway to focus
on the subject, then press it fully.
When the self-timer starts, the lamp blinks
and the self-timer sound plays.
Two seconds before the shutter releases,
the lamp and sound speed up (the lamp
remains lit when the flash will fire).
You can insert and print the shooting date in images which do not have an
embedded date and time as follows. However, if you do this for images with
an embedded date and time, the date and time may be printed twice.
Use the DPOF print settings (p.159) to print.
Use the included software to print.
Refer to the Software Guide for details.
Print using printer functions (p.151).
Using the Self-Timer