Detecting a Smile and Shooting

The camera will shoot, even without pressing the shutter button, when it
detects a smile.
Choose .
Follow Steps 1 – 2 on p. 64 to choose ,
then press the n button for more than
one second.
Press the qr buttons to choose , then
press the n button.
The camera will enter shooting stand-by,
and [Smile Detection on] will appear on the

Point the camera at a person.

Each time the camera detects a smile it will
shoot after the lamp lights.
Press the p button to pause smile
detection. Press the p button again to
resume smile detection.
Detecting a Face and Shooting (Smart Shutter)
What if a smile is not detected?
Smiles are easier to detect if the subject faces the camera, and opens their mouth
enough to show some teeth when smiling.
Changing the number of shots
After choosing in Step 1, press the op buttons.
You should switch to another mode when you finish shooting, or the
camera will continue taking shots each time the camera detects a smile.
You can also shoot by pressing the shutter button.