You can automatically correct red eyes in images and save them as new files.

Choose [Red-Eye Correction].

Press the n button to choose [Red-
Eye Correction] from the 1 tab, then
press the m button.
Choose an image.
Press the qr buttons to choose an image.

Correct the image.

Press the m button.
Red-eye detected by the camera will be
corrected and a frame will appear around
the corrected portion.
You can magnify or reduce the size of the
image using the procedures in “Magnifying
Images” (p.125) .
Save as a new image and display.
Press the opqr buttons to choose [New
File], then press the m button.
The image will be saved as a new file.
Follow Step 5 on p.146 .
Correcting the Red-Eye Effect
Some images may not be corrected properly.
When [Overwrite] in Step 4 is chosen, the uncorrected image is
overwritten with the corrected data, erasing the original image.
Protected images cannot be overwritten.
Movies cannot be corrected.