You can make a short movie of a day just by taking still images.
Each time you take a picture, the scene just before taking your shot will be
recorded as a movie. All the movies recorded that day will be saved as a
single file.
Choose .
Follow Steps 1 – 2 on p.64 to choose .
Press the shutter button fully to shoot a still
A movie of approx. 2 – 4 sec. will be
recorded just before the image is taken.
Making Short Movies Automatically (Movie Digest)

What if a movie is not recorded?

If you take a picture just after turning on the camera, selecting mode or
otherwise operating the camera, a movie may not be recorded.

Viewing movies made with Movie Digest

You can select movies made in mode by date for viewing (p.119).
Since you are also shooting movies when you shoot still images, the
battery will be depleted more quickly than in A.
The image quality will be fixed at for movies shot in mode.
In the following cases, movies will be saved as separate files even if they
were shot on the same day with mode.
-If the clip file size reaches 4GB or the recording time reaches approximately
1 hour
-If the movie is protected (p.134)
-If the Time Zone setting is changed (p.171)
-If a new folder is created (p.170)
If you operate the camera while shooting a movie, the sounds made will
be recorded in the movie.
The camera will not play sounds, such as when pressing the shutter
button halfway, using the controls or the self-timer (p.166).