Screen Display in Dark Shooting Conditions

The display automatically brightens when shooting in dark conditions,
allowing you to check the composition (Night Display function). However, the
brightness of the image on the screen, and the brightness of the actual image
recorded may be different. Screen noise may appear and the movement of
the subject may appear somewhat jagged on the screen. This has no effect
on the recorded image.

Overexposure Warning during Playback

In Detailed Information Display (p. 44), overexposed areas of the image flash
on the screen.

Histogram during Playback

The graph that appears in Detailed
Information Display (p.188) is called the
histogram. The histogram shows the
distribution of brightness in an image
horizontally, and the amount of brightness
vertically. When the graph approaches the
right side, the image is bright, but when it
approaches the left side, the image is dark,
and in this way you can judge the
The indicator on the back of the camera (p. 43) will light or blink depending
on the camera’s status.
Colors Status Operation Status
Lights Connected to a computer (p.34)/Display off (p. 171)
Blinks During camera start-up, Recording/Reading/Transmitting
image data, when Shooting Long Exposures (p.79)
When the indicator blinks green, do not turn off the power, open the
memory card slot/battery cover, shake or jolt the camera. These actions
may corrupt the image data or cause the camera or memory card to