Shooting (Information Display)

* : Standard, : Held vertically
When shooting, the camera detects if it is held vertically or horizontally, and adjusts
settings accordingly for the best shot. It also detects orientation during playback, so you
can hold the camera in either orientation and it will automatically rotate images for
correct viewing.
This function may not operate correctly when the camera is pointed straight up or
Information Displayed on the Screen
Battery Charge Indicator
Camera Orientation*
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My Colors (p.92)
Drive Mode (p.91)
Grid Lines (p.174)
Camera Shake Warning
Metering Method (p.101)
Compression (Image
Quality) (p.61) /
Recording Pixels (pp.61,
Recordable Shots (p.62)
Self-Timer (pp.58, 59)
Image Quality (Movies)
Remaining Time (p.112)
Digital Zoom Magnification
(p.55) / Digital Tele-
converter (p.56)
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AF Lock (p.99)
Shooting Mode (p.190),
Scene Icon (p.187)
Flash Mode (pp.54, 85,
Red-Eye Correction
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Spot AE Point Frame
Date Stamp (p.57)
ISO Speed (p.88)
Eye-Fi Connection
Status (p.179)
AE Lock (p.102), FE
Lock (p.102)
Shutter Speed
Image Stabilizer (p.175) /
Time Zone (p.171)
Aperture Value
Exposure Compensation
Amount (p.85)
i-Contrast (p.89)
Super Slow Motion Movie
Shooting Time (p.110)
Zoom Bar (p.25)
Blink Detection (p.105)