Adjusting the White Balance
Manually Correcting the White Balance
You can manually correct the white balance when in S mode (p. 65). This
adjustment will have the same effect as using a commercially-available color
compensating filter.

Choose S.

Follow Steps 1 – 2 on p.64 to choose S.

Choose the White Balance.

After pressing the m button, press the
op buttons to choose , then press the
m button.

Adjust the setting.

Move the zoom lever and adjust the
correction amount, B or A.
Press the m button.
If you change camera settings after recording white balance data, the tone
may not turn out properly.
B stands for blue and A for amber.
You can also manually correct the white balance by recording custom
white balance data (p.86) and then following the steps above.
Even if you change the white balance setting in Step 2 after making
adjustments in the correction level, those adjustments will be retained.
However, the adjustments will be reset if custom white balance data is