When the camera detects the possibility that people have their eyes shut,
appears on the screen.

Choose [Blink Detection].

Press the n button to choose [Blink
Detection] from the 4 tab, then press the
qr buttons to choose [On].
When a person with shut eyes is detected,
a frame and appear on the screen.
You can use a TV to display the camera screen content while shooting.
To connect the camera to a TV, follow the Steps in “Viewing Images on a
TV” (p.130).
Shooting procedures are the same as when using the camera screen.
Checking for Shut Eyes
This function is only available for the last image shot when you have set
the camera to 2 or more shots in or $ mode.
Not available in W mode.
TV display is not available when using HDMI Cable HTC-100 (sold
separately) to connect the camera to an HD TV.
Shooting Using a TV as the Display