You can adjust the settings in the 1 tab by pressing the 1 button (p.47).

Choosing the Image that First Displays in


Choose [Resume], then press the qr
buttons to choose an option.

Turning Off the Auto Rotate Function

When you play back images on the camera, images shot in vertical
orientation automatically rotate and display vertically. You can turn off this
Select [Auto Rotate], then press the qr
buttons to select [Off].
Changing Playback Function Settings
Last seen Resumes with the image last
Last shot Resumes with the most recently
shot image.
Images cannot be rotated (p.145) if you have set [Auto Rotate] to [Off ].
Rotated images will also appear in their original orientation.
In Smart Shuffle (p.128), even if [Auto Rotate] is set to [Off], images
taken vertically will be displayed vertically, while rotated images will
appear in their rotated orientation.