Choosing Images for Printing (DPOF)
Choosing the Number of Copies

Choose [Select Images & Qty.].

Press the n button to choose [Select
Images & Qty.] from the 2 tab, then press
the m button.
Choose an image.
Press the qr buttons to choose an image,
then press the m button.
You will be able to set the number of print
If you choose images in [Index],
appears on the screen. Press the m
button again to deselect the image. will

Set the number of prints.

Press the op buttons to set the number
of prints (maximum 99).
Repeat Steps 2 and 3 to choose other
images and the number of prints for each.
You cannot set the number of copies for
index prints. You can only choose which
images to print (as shown in Step 2).
Press the n button to complete the
setting and restore the menu screen.
With [Index] chosen, the [Date] and [File No.] options cannot be set to
[On] at the same time.
The date will be printed in the style set in the [Date/Time] function in the
3 tab, which can be chosen after you press the n button (p.19).