This camera is a high-precision electronic device. Do not drop it or subject
it to strong impacts.
Never place the camera close to magnets, motors or other devices that
generate strong electromagnetic fields. Exposure to strong magnetic fields
may cause malfunctions or corrupt image data.
If water droplets or dirt become stuck on the camera or screen, wipe with
a dry soft cloth or eyeglass wiper. Do not rub or apply force.
Never use cleaners containing organic solvents to wipe the camera or
Use a commercially available blower brush to remove dust from the lens.
For stubborn dirt contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk as listed
in your Warranty System Booklet.
When you move the camera rapidly from cold to hot temperatures,
condensation may form on the internal or external surfaces of the camera.
To avoid condensation, put the camera in an airtight, resealable plastic bag
and let it adjust to temperature changes slowly before removing it from the
If condensation has formed on the camera, stop using it immediately, as
continued use may damage the camera. Remove the battery and memory
card, and wait until the moisture has completely evaporated before
resuming use.
Handling Precautions