Viewing Images on a Standard TV

Using the supplied AV cable (p.2), you can connect the camera to a TV to
view images you have shot.
Turn off the camera and TV.
Connect the camera to the TV.
Open the camera’s terminal cover and fully
insert the cable plug into the camera’s
Insert the cable plug fully into the video
input terminals as shown in the illustration.
Turn on the TV and switch it to the
input the cable is connected to.
Turn on the camera.
Press the 1 button to turn on the camera.
The image will appear on the TV (nothing
will appear on the screen of the camera).
After you finish, turn off the camera and
TV, and unplug the cable.
Viewing Images on a TV
White or black
What if the images don’t display correctly on the TV?
Images will not display correctly if the camera’s video output setting (NTSC/PAL)
does not match the TV system. Press the n button and choose [Video
System] from the 3 tab to switch to the correct video system.