Setting the Date and Time
Changing the Date and Time
You can change the current date and time settings.
Display the menu.
Press the n button.

Choose [Date/Time].

Move the zoom lever to choose the 3 tab.
Press the op buttons to choose [Date/
Time], then press the m button.

Change the date and time.

Follow Steps 2 and 3 on p. 19 to adjust the
Press the n button to close the menu.
Date/Time battery
The camera has a built-in date/time battery (backup battery) that allows the
date/time settings to be retained for about three weeks after the battery pack
has been removed.
By inserting a charged battery or connecting an AC adapter kit (sold separately,
p.38) the date/time battery can be charged in about 4 hours even if the camera
is not turned on.
If the date/time battery is depleted, the Date/Time screen will appear when you
turn the camera on. Follow the steps on p.19 to set the date and time.