Touch to select various setup functions.
4BACK key
Touch to return to the previous display.
5ESC key
Touch to cancel the control mode of func-
1 Press A.MENU button to display MENU.
MENU appears on the display.
2 Touch the desired key to display the
function names you want to operate.
#To go to the next group of function names,
touch NEXT.
#To return to the previous group of function
names, touch PREV.
3 Touch ESC to return to the display of
each source.
If you do not operate the function within about 30
seconds, the display is automatically returned to
the playback display.

Opening and closing the LCD panel

The LCD panel will be opened or closed auto-
matically with the turning of the ignition
switch on or off. You can turn off the automatic
close/open function. (Refer to page 42.)
!Do not close the LCD panel with hands by
force. That cause malfunction.
!The automatic close/open function will op-
erate the display as follows.
When the ignition switch is turned OFF
while the LCD panel is opened, the LCD
panel will close after six seconds.
When the ignition switch is turned ON
again (or turned to ACC), the LCD panel
will be opened automatically.
Removing or attaching the front panel
will automatically close or open the LCD
panel. (Refer to page 10.)
!When the ignition switch is turned OFF
after the LCD panel has been closed, turn-
ing the ignition switch ON again (or turning
it to ACC) will not open the LCD panel. In
this case, press OPEN/CLOSE to open the
LCD panel.
!When closing the LCD panel, check to
make sure that it has closed completely. If
the LCD panel has stopped halfway, leaving
it like this could result in damage.
Keep hands and fingers clear of the unit when
opening, closing, or adjusting the LCD panel. Be
especially cautious of childrens hands and fin-
%Press OPEN/CLOSE to open the LCD
#To close the LCD panel, press OPEN/CLOSE

Adjusting the LCD panel angle

!If you can hear the LCD panel knocking
against your vehicles console or dashboard,
press ANGLE ()to move the LCD panel a lit-
tle forward.
!When adjusting the LCD panel angle, be sure
to press ANGLE (+/). Forcibly adjusting the
LCD panel by hand may damage it.
Operating this unit
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Operating this unit