Other Functions

Introduction of setup adjustments

1Setup menu display
Shows the setup function names.
%Press A.MENU button and touch SETUP
to display the setup function names.
The setup function names are displayed and
operable ones are highlighted.
#To return to the previous display, touch BACK.
#To return to the display of each source, touch
If you do not operate the setup function within
about 30 seconds, the display is automatically re-
turned to the source display.

Setting the AV input

You can switch the setting according to the
connected component.
!Select VIDEO to watch video of a con-
nected component as AV source.
!Select M-DVD to watch video of a con-
nected DVD player as S-DVD source.
!Select EXT-V to watch video of a connected
video unit as EXT source.
%Touch AV IN on the setup menu to se-
lect the AV input setting.
Touch AV IN until the desired setting is se-
!OFF No video component is connected
!VIDEO External video component (such
as portable video player)
!M-DVD Multi-DVD player connected with
RCA cable
!EXT-V External video unit (such as
Pioneer products available in the future)
#When a multi-DVD player is connected with
an AV-BUS cable, do not select M-DVD otherwise
no picture will be displayed even if you select

Setting for rear view camera

(back up camera)

Pioneer recommends the use of a camera
which outputs mirror reversed images, other-
wise screen image may appear reversed.
This unit features a function that automatically
switches to the rear view camera video (REAR
VIEW CAMERA IN jack) when a rear view
camera is installed on your vehicle. When the
gear shift is in REVERSE (R) position, the
video automatically switches to a rear view
camera video. (For more details, consult your
!After you set up the rear view camera set-
ting, move the gear shift in REVERSE (R)
and confirm if a rear view camera video
can be shown on the display.
!If the display should be switched to a rear
view camera video by error while you are
driving forward, change the rear view cam-
era setting.
!To end watching a rear view camera video
and return to the source display, press
1 Touch B-CAM on the setup menu.
Operating this unit
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Operating this unit