When an operation is prohibited

When you are watching a DVD and attempt to
perform an operation, it may not be performed
because of the programming on the disc.
When this happens, the icon appears on
the screen.
!The icon may not appear with certain

Protecting your unit from


The front panel can be detached to deter theft.
!If the front panel is not detached from the
head unit within five seconds of turning off
the ignition, a warning tone will sound.
!You can turn off the warning tone. See
Switching the warning tone on page 39.
!Handle gently when removing or attaching
the front panel.
!Avoid subjecting the front panel to excessive
!Keep the front panel out of direct sunlight and
high temperatures.
!If removed, replace the front panel on the unit
before starting up your vehicle.

Removing the front panel

%Push the release button downward and
release the front panel.
Take care not to grip it too tightly or to drop
the front panel and protect it from contact
with water or other fluids to prevent perma-
nent damage.
Release button

Attaching the front panel

%Replace the front panel by holding it
upright to the unit and clipping it securely
into the mounting hook.

Resetting the microprocessor

Pressing RESET lets you reset the micropro-
cessor to its initial settings.
The microprocessor must be reset under the
following conditions:
!Prior to using this unit for the first time
after installation
!If the unit fails to operate properly
!When strange or incorrect messages ap-
pear on the display
1 Turn the ignition switch OFF.
2 Press RESET with a pen tip or other
pointed instrument.
RESET button
Before You Start