1 Touch SETUP and VISUAL and then
2 Touch 0 to 9 to input the registered
code number.
3 Touch ENTER.
This enters the code number, and you can now
change the level.
#If you input an incorrect code number, the
icon is displayed. Touch Cand input the cor-
rect code number.
#If you forget your code number, refer to If you
forget your code number on this page.
4 Touch any of 1 to 8 to select the desired
The new parental lock level is set.

If you forget your code number

Refer to Changing the level on the previous
page, and touch C10 times. The registered
code number is canceled, letting you register
a new one.

Initial Settings

Adjusting initial settings

Using the initial settings, you can customize
various system settings to achieve optimal per-
formance from this unit.
1Function display
Shows the function names.
1 Touch the source icon and then touch
OFF to turn this unit off.
#When the source icon is not displayed, you
can display it by touching the screen.
2 Press A.MENU button and touch INIT to
display the initial function names.
The function names are displayed and oper-
able ones are highlighted.
#To go to the next group of function names,
touch NEXT.
#To return to the previous group of function
names, touch PREV.
#When the multi-channel processor (e.g., DEQ-
P8000) is connected to this unit, you can operate
D. ATT and RESET instead of REARSP.
#To return to the previous display, touch BACK.
#To return to the display of each source, touch
Operating this unit