#To return to folder 001 (ROOT), press and hold
BAND/ESC. However, if folder 001 (ROOT) con-
tains no files, playback commences with folder
#You can also select a folder by pressing aor
5 To skip back or forward to another
chapter/track, briefly touch oor p.
6 To perform fast forward or reverse,
keep touching oor p.
When DVD video or Video CD is playing, if you
keep touching oor pfor five seconds,
the icon mor nis highlighted. When this
happens, fast reverse/fast forward continues
even if you release oor p. To resume
playback at a desired point, touch f.
#When playing DVD video or Video CD, fast for-
ward/fast reverse may not be possible at certain
locations on some discs. If this happens, normal
playback automatically resumes.
#When playing compressed audio, there is no
sound on fast forward or reverse.
!If you do not use the touch panel keys within
30 seconds, they will be hidden automatically.
!The DVD player plays one, standard, 12-cm or
8-cm (single) disc at a time. Do not use an
adapter when playing 8-cm discs.
!Do not insert anything other than a disc into
the disc loading slot. Discs which can be
played back are listed on Playable discs on
page 5.
!If you cannot insert a disc completely or if
after you insert a disc the disc does not play,
check that the label side of the disc is up.
Press EJECT to eject the disc, and check the
disc for damage before inserting it again.
!If an error message such as ERROR-02 is dis-
played, refer to Error messages on page 72.
!If bookmark function is on, DVD playback re-
sumes from the selected point. For more de-
tails, refer to Resume playback (Bookmark) on
page 28.
!When playing discs with compressed audio
and audio data (CD-DA) such as CD-EXTRA
and MIXED-MODE CDs, both types can be
played only by switching mode between com-
pressed audio and CD-DA by touching
MEDIA or pressing BAND/ESC. This function
can be operated only when the disc is playing.
!If you have switched between compressed
audio and CD-DA, playback starts at the first
track on the disc.
!There is sometimes a delay between starting
up disc playback and the sound being issued.
When being read, FORMAT READ is dis-
!When playing back files recorded as VBR
(variable bit rate) files, the play time will not be
correctly displayed if fast forward or reverse
operations are used.
!When playing a compressed audio disc con-
taining more than 192 tracks, READY ap-
pears on the information bar for the track
titles of 193rd and later.

Operating the DVD menu

Some DVDs allow you to select from the disc
contents using a menu.
!This function is available for DVD.
!You can display the menu by touching
MENU or TOP.M while a disc is playing.
Touching either of these keys again lets you
start playback from the location selected
from the menu. For details, refer to the in-
structions provided with the disc.
1 Touch
 
to display touch panel keys
to operate the DVD menu.
#When the touch panel keys are not displayed,
you can display them by touching the screen.
2 Touch a,b,cor dto select the desired
menu item.
Operating this unit
En 21
Operating this unit