Entering disc titles

You can input CD titles and display the title.
The next time you insert a CD for which you
have entered a title, the title of that CD will be
Use the disc title input feature to store up to
48 CD titles in the unit. Each title can be up to
10 characters long.
!This function is available for CD.
!When playing a CD TEXT disc, you cannot
switch to T. EDIT. The disc title will have al-
ready been recorded on a CD TEXT disc.
!If no title has been entered for the currently
playing disc, NO DISC TITLE is displayed.
1 Play the CD that you want to enter a
title for.
2 Touch T. EDIT on the function menu.
3 Touch ABC to select the desired charac-
ter type.
Touch ABC repeatedly to switch between the
following character types:
Alphabet (upper case), numbers and symbols
alphabet (lower case)European letters,
such as those with accents (e.g., á,à,ä,ç)
#You can select to input numbers and symbols
by touching 123.
4 Touch aor bto select a letter of the al-
Each time you touch ait will display alphabet,
numbers or symbols in ascending order (AB
C ...). Each time you touch bit will display a
letter in descending order.
5 Touch dto move the cursor to the next
character position.
When the desired letter is displayed, touch d
to move the cursor to the next position and
then select the next letter. Touch cto move
backwards in the display.
6 Touch OK to store the entered title in
7 Touch ESC to return to the playback dis-
!Titles remain in memory, even after the disc
has been removed from the unit, and are re-
called when the disc is reinserted.
!After data for 48 discs has been stored in
memory, data for a new disc will overwrite the
oldest one.

Selecting tracks from the track

title list

Track title list lets you see the list of track titles
on a CD TEXT disc and select one of them to
play back.
!This function is available for CD.
1 Touch T.LIST on the function menu.
2 Touch or to switch between the
lists of titles.
3 Touch your favorite track title.
That selection will begin to play.
Operating this unit
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Operating this unit