Thank you for buying this Pioneer product.

Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate

your model properly. After you have finished reading the instructions, keep this man-

ual in a safe place for future reference.

Be sure to read this
!Playable discs 5
!DVD video disc region numbers 6
!When an operation is prohibited 10
To ensure safe driving 3
To avoid battery exhaustion 4
Before You Start
Information to User 5
For Canadian model 5
About this unit 5
About this manual 6
After-sales service for Pioneer products 6
Visit our website 7
Features 7
About WMA 8
About the SAT RADIO READY mark 9
To protect the LCD screen 9
For viewing LCD comfortably 9
What the marks on DVDs indicate 9
Protecting your unit from theft 10
Resetting the microprocessor 10
Operating this unit
Whats What 12
Basic Operations 13
Tuner 18
Built-in DVD player 20
Audio Adjustments 30
Setting up the DVD player 35
Initial Settings 38
Other Functions 41
Available accessories
XM tuner 45
SIRIUS Satellite Radio tuner 47
Playing songs on iPod 49
Multi-CD Player 51
DVD Player 54
TV tuner 56
Digital Signal Processor 58
Additional Information
Troubleshooting 70
Error messages 72
Understanding auto TA and EQ error
messages 72
Understanding messages 73
Handling guideline of discs and player 74
DVD discs 74
CD-R/CD-RW discs 74
Dual Discs 75
Compressed audio files on the disc 75
Using the display correctly 76
Language code chart for DVD 78
Terms 79
Specifications 82
Index 84