%When using the buttons, press SOURCE
to select a source.
Press SOURCE repeatedly to switch between
the following sources:
XM (XM tuner)SIRIUS (SIRIUS tuner)
TUNER (tuner)TV (television)AV (AV)
DVD (built-in DVD player)S-DVD (DVD
player/multi-DVD player)M-CD (multi-CD
player)iPod (iPod)EXT-1 (external unit 1)
EXT-2 (external unit 2)AUX (AUX)
!In the following cases, the sound source will
not change:
When there is no unit corresponding to the
selected source connected to this unit.
When there is no disc or magazine in the
When the AUX (auxiliary input) is set to off
(refer to page 39).
When the AV (AV input) is not set to
VIDEO (refer to page 41).
!External unit refers to a Pioneer product (such
as one available in the future) that, although
incompatible as a source, enables control of
basic functions by this unit. Two external units
can be controlled by this unit. When two exter-
nal units are connected, the allocation of
them to external unit 1 or external unit 2 is
automatically set by this unit.
!When this units blue/white lead is connected
to the vehicles auto-antenna relay control
terminal, the vehicles antenna extends when
this units source is turned on. To retract the
antenna, turn the source off.

Adjusting the volume

%Use VOLUME to adjust the sound level.
Press VOLUME up/+ or down/to increase or
decrease the source volume.

Touch panel key basic operation

Activating the touch panel keys

1Touch panel keys
Touch to do various operations.
1 Touch the screen to activate the touch
panel keys corresponding to each source.
The touch panel keys appear on the display.
#To go to the next group of touch panel keys,
touch d.
2 Touch ESC to hide the touch panel keys.
If you do not use the touch panel keys within 30
seconds, they will be hidden automatically.

Operating the menu

Touch to select functions for each source.
2AUDIO key
Touch to select various sound quality controls.
3SETUP key
Operating this unit