Function and operation

Compression and T. EDIT operations are basi-
cally the same as that of the built-in DVD
Function name Operation
Refer to Repeating play on page 27.
But the repeat play ranges you can
select are different from that of the
built-in DVD player. The repeat play
ranges of the multi-CD player are
as below:
!M-CD Repeat all discs in the
multi-CD player
!TRACK Repeat just the cur-
rent track
!DISC Repeat the current disc
RANDOM Refer to Playing tracks in random
order on page 27.
SCAN Refer to Scanning tracks of a CD on
page 28.
PAUSE Refer to Pausing disc playback on
page 24.
Compression Refer to Using compression and
bass emphasis on page 54.
ITS PLAY Refer to Using ITS playlists on this
ITS MEMO Refer to Using ITS playlists on this
T. EDIT Refer to Entering disc titles on the
next page.
!If you do not operate the function within about
30 seconds, the display is automatically re-
turned to the playback display.
!If you select other discs during repeat play,
the repeat play range changes to M-CD.
!If you perform track search or fast forward/re-
verse during TRACK, the repeat play range
changes to DISC.
!After track or disc scanning is finished, nor-
mal playback of the tracks will begin again.
!When playing a CD TEXT disc on a CD TEXT
compatible multi-CD player, you cannot
switch to T. EDIT. The disc title has already
been recorded on a CD TEXT disc.

Using ITS playlists

ITS (instant track selection) lets you make a
playlist of favorite tracks from those in the
multi-CD player magazine. After you have
added your favorite tracks to the playlist you
can turn on ITS play and play just those selec-

Creating a playlist with ITS programming

You can use ITS to enter and play back up to
99 tracks per disc from up to 100 discs (with
the disc titles). (With multi-CD players sold be-
fore the CDX-P1250 and CDX-P650, up to 24
tracks can be stored in the playlist.)
1 Play a CD that you want to program.
Touch aor bto select the CD.
2 Touch NEXT on the function menu.
3 Touch ITS MEMO.
4 Touch cor dto select the desired
5 Touch MEMORYato store the currently
playing track in the playlist.
MEMORY is displayed and the currently play-
ing selection is added to your playlist. The dis-
play then shows track number again.
After data for 100 discs has been stored in mem-
ory, data for a new disc will overwrite the oldest
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