Display Equalizer curve
CUSTOM1 Custom 1
CUSTOM2 Custom 2
SUPER BASS Super bass
!CUSTOM1 and CUSTOM2 are adjusted
equalizer curves.
!When FLAT is selected no supplement or
correction is made to the sound. This is
useful to check the effect of the equalizer
curves by switching alternatively between
FLAT and a set equalizer curve.
1 Press EQ and hold to switch to equali-
zer function.
Press EQ and hold until an equalizer curve
name appears in the display.
#To switch to SFC function, press EQ and hold
2 Press EQ to select the equalizer.
Press EQ repeatedly to switch between the fol-
lowing equalizers:

Adjusting 3-band parametric equalizer

For CUSTOM1 and CUSTOM2 equalizer
curves, you can adjust the front, rear and cen-
ter equalizer curves separately by selecting a
center frequency, an equalizer level and a Q
factor for each band.
!A separate CUSTOM1 curve can be cre-
ated for each source.
!ACUSTOM2 curve can be created com-
mon to all sources.
!The center speaker largely determines the
sound image and getting the balance right
isnt easy. We recommend reproducing a 2-
ch. audio (a CD for example) and getting
the balance right among the speakers ex-
cept for the center, and then reproducing a
5.1-ch. audio (Dolby Digital or DTS) and ad-
justing the center speaker output to the
balance you have already got among the
other speakers.
1 Touch NEXT twice on the DSP function
2 Touch PARA EQ.
3 Touch aor bto select the desired item.
Each time you touch aor bselects the item
in the following order:
SP-SEL (speakers)BAND (bands)
FREQUENCY (center frequency)LEVEL
(equalizer level)Q. FACTOR (Q factor)
4 Touch cor dto select the speaker to
be adjusted.
Touch cor duntil the desired speaker ap-
pears in the display.
REAR (rear speakers)CENTER (center speak-
er)FRONT (front speakers)
#You cannot select speakers whose size is set
at OFF.
5 Touch band then touch cor dto se-
lect the equalizer band to be adjusted.
Each time you touch cor dselects equalizer
bands in the following order:
LOW (low)MID (mid)HIGH (high)
6 Touch band then touch cor dto se-
lect the center frequency of selected band.
Touch cor duntil the desired frequency ap-
pears in the display.
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