The next time you touch the same preset tun-
ing key the radio station frequency is recalled
from memory.
#When the touch panel keys are not displayed,
you can display them by touching the screen.
#When P1 to P6 are not displayed, you can dis-
play them by touching LIST.
#You can also use aand bbuttons to recall
radio station frequencies assigned to preset tun-
ing keys P1 to P6.
You can also use aand bbuttons to recall radio
station frequencies assigned to preset tuning
keys P1 to P6.

Introduction of advanced tuner


1 Press A.MENU button to display MENU.
MENU appears on the display.
2 Touch FUNCTION to display the func-
tion names.
The function names are displayed and oper-
able ones are highlighted.
#To return to the previous display, touch BACK.
#To return to the frequency display, touch ESC.
#If you do not operate the function within about
30 seconds, the display is automatically returned
to the frequency display.

Storing the strongest broadcast


BSM (best stations memory) lets you automa-
tically store the six strongest broadcast fre-
quencies under preset tuning keys P1 to P6
and once stored there you can tune in to those
frequencies with the touch of a key.
!Storing broadcast frequencies with BSM
may replace broadcast frequencies you
have saved using P1 to P6.
%Touch BSM on the function menu to
turn BSM on.
BSM begins to flash. While BSM is flashing
the six strongest broadcast frequencies will be
stored under preset tuning keys P1 to P6 in
order of their signal strength. When finished,
BSM stops flashing.
#To cancel the storage process, touch BSM

Tuning in strong signals

Local seek tuning lets you tune in only those
radio stations with sufficiently strong signals
for good reception.
1 Touch LOCAL on the function menu.
2 Touch ato turn local seek tuning on.
#To turn local seek tuning off, touch b.
3 Touch cor dto set the sensitivity.
There are four levels of sensitivity for FM and
two levels for AM:
FM: 1234
AM: 12
The 4setting allows reception of only the
strongest stations, while lower settings let you
receive progressively weaker stations.
Operating this unit
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Operating this unit