Aspect ratio
This is the width-to-height ratio of a TV screen.
A regular display has an aspect ratio of 4:3.
Wide screen displays have an aspect ratio of
16:9, providing a bigger picture for exceptional
presence and atmosphere.
Bit rate
This expresses data volume per second, or bps
(bits per second) units. The higher the rate,
the more information is available to reproduce
the sound. Using the same encoding method
(such as MP3), the higher the rate, the better
the sound.
DVD titles are in turn divided into chapters
which are numbered in the same way as the
chapters of a book. With DVD video discs fea-
turing chapters, you can quickly find a desired
scene with chapter search.
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital provides multi-channel audio
from up to 5.1 independent channels. This is
the same as the Dolby Digital surround sound
system used in theaters.
Dolby Pro Logic II
Dolby Pro Logic II can create five full-band-
width output channels from two-channel
sources. This new technology enables a dis-
crete 5-channel playback with 2 front chan-
nels, 1 center channel, and 2 rear channels. A
music mode is also available for 2-channel
sources in addition to the movie mode.
This stands for Digital Theater Systems. DTS is
a surround system delivering multi-channel
audio from up to 6 independent channels.
ID3 tag
This is a method of embedding track-related
information in an MP3 file. This embedded in-
formation can include the track title, the ar-
tists name, the album title, the music genre,
the year of production, comments and other
data. The contents can be freely edited using
software with ID3 Tag editing functions.
Although the tags are restricted as to the num-
ber of characters, the information can be
viewed when the track is played back.
ISO9660 format
This is the international standard for the for-
mat logic of CD-ROM folders and files. For the
ISO9660 format, there are regulations for the
following two levels.
Level 1:
The file name is in 8.3 format (the name con-
sists of up to 8 characters, half-byte English
capital letters and half-byte numerals and the
_sign, with a file-extension of three charac-
Level 2:
The file name can have up to 31 characters (in-
cluding the separation mark .and a file ex-
tension). Each folder contains less than 8
Extended formats
File names can have up to 64 characters.
File names can have up to 128 characters.
Additional Information
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